Info: Locations


Lake Tahoe is at the top of the list for travel no matter the season. Humboldt-Toiyabe National forest is the largest national forest in the lower 48 states and Tahoe is part of it.I have found that it’s fairly easy to find spaces to use without a ton of other people all around you. Yes, there are some places that are busier than others, but it’s not hard to get off the beaten path here. The number of family members involved with the shoot and their ability and mobility is also a consideration. 

Once a location is chosen the views in Lake Tahoe are incredible! There are different mountain views you can get. Most of the locations in the park are at least 6200 feet in elevation so when photographing here you have to be mindful of dealing with lower oxygen levels who can affect older family members.  

I have a very judicious approach to choosing the perfect location for your family and I want to give you this experience of familiar and lasting beauty. It’s an experience you can access every time you see the pictures I took of you all, a memory that will be shared amongst yourselves year after year.  

If you choose not to travel from your vacation spot we can also photographed at the house you are staying in. Lake Tahoe is beautiful no matter where you are, South Tahoe, North Tahoe in Incline Village or Kings Beach or North West Tahoe in Dollar Point, Tahoe City or Tahoma.