Info: Photographing the children


Photographing families with children of various ages requires patience and a certain type of cleverness. Most kids are willing to cooperate but some don't and it's necessary to engage them on a separate level and make them forget that they are there to be photographed. Once they are put at ease with the new surroundings and let to their own devices, things will improve and the photo session can advance to the next stage. Flexibility is the key when photographing children and it's where experience comes in. I always have one of the family members, the child's favorite aunt or sibling, take over and play around as if that's the whole reason they are at that location. I always make it a point in letting the kids to be the stars of the show by letting them run around and be who they are, kids!A veteran photographer will know what to say, how to pose their clients and how to deliver a quality photograph. 

I know you probably heard this a few times, there is a reason the best time for photography is either in the morning or late afternoon. One reason is the absence of harsh light. In Lake Tahoe the days are mostly sunny and the sun can be unforgiving the closer it gets to noon. In order to avoid the brightness make sure to book your family session for an early time or later in the day. You will avoid having to deal with squinty eyes and excessive heat. 

Candid images are all the rage, which means cheesy posed images may not be what you have signed up for. However, sometimes a good old-fashioned stand there and smile photo is so worth it. Especially if you have young children that are always on the move because it can be really difficult to capture their sweet face. Sometimes compromise is the best solution for a successful session.