Info: The Session


Photographing in Lake Tahoe is not difficult if the preparations are in order and communication is open. I always suggest to my clients to chose either a mid morning or close to the sunset photo session because that's when the light is at its best. Sometimes that is not possible but don't despair because here at the lake we have been blessed with beautiful weather and there are no bad times for photography. 

It's very important to take into consideration the travel time from your house to the shooting location based on the time of the year and weather conditions. Summers are the busiest at the lake and winters can be a bit slower on the road given the snowy conditions at these high altitudes. 

The number of people and their age is another consideration when planning for the day, some of us are not morning persons and some prefer to be left alone in the afternoon. Give yourselves plenty of time so you can arrive safely. 

You shouldn't be worried about how you pose or how you look as I will give you plenty of pointers and I will make sure that everyone is relaxed and will have a good time, you are on vacation afterall. 

The photography session will last approximately one hour long depending on the number of people involved. All the combination necessary will be photographed from grandma and grandpa to everything in between. 

Feel free to suggest or ask for certain groups or posses to be photographed. Let's make sure everyone get what they need in terms of photography. I want you to display the photos proudly either in your home or on social media. 

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