Info: What to wear


Here are a few tips for what to wear for your Lake Tahoe family portraits or your engagement session! As a Lake Tahoe Family Portrait photographer, I’ve photographed so many family portraits and have learned a thing or two! 

Pick 3-4 colours and use this as your starting point. Think in tones, earthy tones, neutral tones or natural tones. Everyone can still express their own sense of style within your colour scheme, but it will all tie together nicely in your pictures. 

Your colours or tones don’t need to be exact matches, in fact it looks better if they’re not. It will add more interest and you want the final result to look natural, not contrived. 

Mixing your colours up with solid blocks of colour and colour picked up in different patterns can add interest and help break away from the matchy-matchy feel. If you have more than one person wearing patterns try to choose patterns that are different.What’s your go-to outfit that you love and feel comfortable in? That might be the perfect piece for you. Pick clothes that let you run and be carefree. If you like wearing jeans then look no further! Then all you have to find is the tops. 

What’s your style and colours in your home, especially those rooms where you will hang your photos. You want to make sure the colours of your clothes are going to fit with the colours in your house, especially if you are having your photoshoot in your home. 

If you’re not sure lay all the clothes out on your bed and see how they all sit together. This should help you spot anything that might need re-thinking. 

If you are coming to Lake tahoe only for a few days the chances are you haven't packed your hole wardrobe so the coiches are limited. Wear what you have and make sure to bring an open attitude to the shoot aas will be make the best of it. 

The first few moments may be awkward, but that’s OK! I want this to be as low-key and easy going as possible. Focus on having fun enjoying this moment in your life! Make sure to bring your smile and be ready to have a great time! Your shoot should be a reflection of who you are. Remember to wear what makes you feel good and happy! 

Lake Tahoe family session are always full of sun and color, let's photograph you and have fun doing it.